About Us.

By now, we are sure that you have heard the *"Let's Go Brandon"* slogan and of course the origin of how it all started. But if you haven't we will take you through a quick run up on how president biden's failed administration earned the criticisms that birthed the Anti-Biden chants.

From all indications especially with a massive shrink inflation that has crippled all sectors of the economy, coupled with the looming crisis of multiple taxation, the Biden-led administration has truly shown that it is bent on creating crisis after crisis especially for low income earners and the middle class.

So it comes as no surprise that people everywhere are chanting the New American Anthem which *"F*ck Joe Biden"* - at stadiums, concerts and even events.

But another favorite Anti-Biden chant is the *Let's Go Brandon* slogan which gained notoriety after a reporter interviewing a NASCAR driver Brandon brown on his victory thought the crowd was cheering Brandon, but was in actual fact saying let's *"F*** Joe Biden"*.

Adding to that, there are even several *Let's Go Brandon* songs online created just for the Anti-Biden Movement by Americans to express their hate and frustrations for the tr

Going back to when this all started was late last year and in early 2021. At the time  Biden made yet another horrific mandate that forced workers to either take the COVID vaccines or risk losing their jobs. 

This resulted in millions of first-responders, health workers, teachers, Police officers and several others getting kicked out of their jobs due to Biden's insensitive Vaccine mandate.

Ordinarily with the crippling employment crisis, many expected that Biden would make COVID vaccines optional to salvage the employment crisis, but he failed yet again by making another horrific mandate that has left several Americans jobless and paying the price of his maladministration.

And on top of that there's the state of chaos the nationwide Work shortage has caused. 

Which proves that without a doubt anything by Biden touches becomes an unmitigated disaster.

Sadly, COVID is now worse under Biden despite the vaccine distribution program.

And there's the Afghanistan humanitarian crisis and other troubling statistics like hyperinflation that has made food items two times more costly than what it used to be.

Even worse is the fact that Experts are predicting that millions of Americans may never be able to get a job or even travel because of this COVID mandate.

Bearing this in mind we hope to lend our voice to many Americans that are at a disadvantage because of Biden's Anti-Economic policies.

And to support this Campaign against Biden our platform was birthed with the  *Let's Go Brandon* theme to create a more Serious attack against an administration that is only successful at creating catastrophes.

Because we know it's now necessary more than ever to go the extra mile at curbing Biden's White House from turning America Into a train wreck.

This means that we would continue tackling this administration by talking about  Biden's terrible policies and of course his mandate to fail AMERICANS at every give chance.